For several years now I have used the services of an online agent to manage my leasing property across the pond. I have always used a company called Upad, which is the UK’s largest online only letting agent. I have always found their service to be first class. Use the link here.

I’ll explain it simply here.

I simply take some amazing quality photos, write some exquisite descriptive copy and upload it onto Upad. They then check it, and within a several hours, boom, there it is – uploaded to Rightmove, Zoopla and other sites. I wish I can say how easy it is!

If the rent price for the house is about right, the messages will come in quickly and they will be passed to you by the online agent to your email address and /or mobile phone by text.

I always give permission to Upad to show my email address and mobile number as I want to make it easy for applicants to get straight in touch with me – the enquirers can call me or email me direct.

I then do everything else from then on in.

So, I first qualify the enquirers (about 50% of the enquiries are not suitable because they have not read the advert properly), then I arrange viewings with promising sounding applicants.

For those that pass muster and pass my reference checks, I can proceed to let the property to them, once they have agreed to a move in date and paid the cost of the first months’ rent and deposit. (I never take the property off the market or stop showing it until the first applicants have put their money down).

Of course, there is a lot for landlords to know these days and as landlords we have a whole lot of legal requirements, (and a load of admin) that we must comply with and take care of – and these are also explained in “Successful Property Letting”. If you use a letting agent, they will take care of all these things for you – at least they should!

But if you use an online letting agent, as I do, the rest of the follow up work, including complying with all the legal requirements can be done by you.

But if you are comfortable with taking care of all the legal requirements and dealing with a bunch if simple admin, you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

If you want to make more space for your house to get more rent money I recommend adding an extension or making a loft conversion! Although these can get very expensive they will definitely improve the home. If you have rooms for lease you’re making another room so it’s a win win for you and once you want to sell it’ll increase the value much more because surrounding houses will have less than you.